Teachings of Sri Sarada Devi

Updated: Feb 25

Disciple: ‘ Well, Mother , do you always remember your real nature?’

Mother: ‘ How could that be? How then, could I perform all these duties? But even in the midst of my activities, whenever I wish I can understand by the slightest effort that all this is the mere play of Mahamaya.’

I tell you, my daughter, know this body ( pointing to her own) to be divine.’

- Updated 02/25/22


Sri Krishna played with the shepherd boys, laughed and walked with them, ate of the food they had touched; but did they know who he was?’

It is only by accepting an illusion that I am so. This is nothing but continuing in the midst of an illusion.’ - Updated 02/24/22


Disciple: ‘ Do you ever remember your real nature?’

Mother: “ Yes, I recall it now and then. At that time I say to myself, “ What is this that I am doing? What is all this about?” Then I remember the house, buildings and children and forget my real self.’

‘God loves to sport as a human being.’ - Updated 02/23/22


I do not remember having committed any sin since my very birth. I touched the Master at the age of five. I might not have understood him at that time, but he undoubtedly touched me. Day and night my mind wants to soar high. I force it down, out of compassion for people. - Updated 02/22/22


People come to me and say, I have no peace in life, I never feel the presence of God, tell me how to find peace,” and so on. Then I look at them and at myself and wonder why they talk in this manner. Is everything about me beyond the common run? I have never known unrest. And as far as the presence of God, it is mine for the taking . I can see him whenever i like.’ - Updated 02/21/22


Mother remarked, regarding the apparent attachments in her life, The Master kept my mind bound down by all these things for the sake of his work. Otherwise could it have been possible for me to stay on after he left?” - Updated 02/20/22